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Running your own business creates many sources of stress and worry, and dealing with all the legislation and paperwork while trying to make money and grow can be time consuming and for some, a little overwhelming. Searching for the right HR advice or trying to work out the best human resource solutions on your own can sometimes add to your confusion rather than alleviating it.

But don’t worry, you don’t have to cope with everything alone. At ClearSky HR, we have a team of friendly, experienced and down to earth consultants who can provide HR advice for employers like you as and when you need it.

When you start employing staff, or when you start growing and hiring more people, many issues can arise. Drawing up contracts, following equal opportunities legislation, putting in place policies on issues such as holiday, sick leave, maternity/paternity and all the while making sure you are managing your staff well and offering them a good working environment takes time, knowledge and experience. With so much to think about it makes sense for you to seek human resources advice from CIPD qualified professionals like us.

We recommend that one of the first things you do is to create a staff handbook and standard contract of employment to cover all the above areas. Our HR packages include these as standard.

Navigating these issues can be stressful but the real headaches come if you are unlucky enough to encounter a legal issue or difficult situation such as bullying in your workplace, or someone needing long term sick leave. This is the time when having someone on hand to dispense sensible HR advice in a clear and calm way really helps. Our consultants will work through the problem with you, offering reassurance and explaining your options without using jargon.

At ClearSky, we have put together packages which are designed to help SME business owners like you. We offer you standard services but also provide you with a dedicated consultant who can give you expert HR advice whenever you need it. And from £95 +VAT, your staff can also receive unlimited calls, as well as access to HR legal advice from our employment lawyers.

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